mavex cura del piede


 FOOT ACTIVE CARBON CREAM: The problem of foot odor is finally solved. Acts by 3 different synergic mechanisms:
clears volatile substances composing the smell, inhibits bacterial enzymes responsible for sweat degradation phenomena, prevents the proliferation of bacteria responsible for sweat decomposition

 PRECIOUS REPAIRER EXTRACT: Fissures, dry and chapped hands and feet, small and dry body parts. Powerful anti-oxidant, sanitising and repairing action. Ideal multi-function in case of fissures, dry and chapped hands and feet, and hardened, dry or flaking body parts (elbows, knees).

SOS CALLUS: Reddening, burning sensation, interdigital maceration, painful calluses.  Particularly indicated for calluses and painful callous areas. Intense soothing action on irritated, inflamed skin. Improves sensations of annoyance, burning and itching. By combining exfoliating and moisturising actions, it intervenes on maceration processes, keeping skin clear and healthy.
Creates a protective film, stimulates regeneration, strengthens and protects the skin against external aggressions. Reduces reddening caused by friction and stimulates healing processes.

MICOXAN: FRAGILE, THICKENED, STAINED NAILS OR NAILS DAMAGED BY INFECTION. Micoxan is a new treatment studied to improve the aspect of fingernails and toenails affected by fungal infections.
Reduces dyschromias and yellowing, strengthens and hydrates fragile nails damaged by infections, solvents and reconstructed nails.
Micoxan was developed by dermatologists in Switzerland, and is the result of more than 5 years of targeted research and development. Thanks to the synergistic action of effective active principles, its innovative formula penetrates deeply in the nail, with surprising results: nails quickly return to their natural splendour and shine.





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