Centro estetico Olistico Milano

The term holistic is derived from the greek Holos meaning " all " , then the holistic science is the science of the whole that takes care of the individual at all levels - physical , emotional, mental and spiritual.

It is not a theory or a standardized school of thought unique , is quite a different way (new and old at the same time ) to conceive the well-being than the current mechanistic view.

What unites the holistic methods is a unified vision of reality , a harmonic whole of which all that exists is a part. The different parts of reality acquire their full meaning only if they are placed in this overall design , in totality. In particular, this concept is applied to the living organism : it is a whole in itself , but not only is a whole with the whole universe.

The living body , the human in particular , is the microcosm par excellence recapitulates the world and has done so as a tiny world is a totality . Moreover, for each small component of the body can be said that it is an integral part of this totality and that , in turn, summarizes : this is a small fragment of the body ( nail, a hair) can give us information on the entire body and on ' whole universe . "








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