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Aura-Soma® has been apty called a "non intrusive, self-selective soul therapy".

Vicky Wall, the innovator of Aura-Soma® was fond of saying that "the greater guide is within you". In the Aura-Soma® system, the four dual-colored combinations we choose both reveal us to ourselves and replenish us. The Equilibrium color combinations are an opening to our potential , our birthright , our birth gifts, and our birth obligations.

Our color preferences give us the opportunity to remember. As we discover which color combinations draw us to them the most, our individual color code presents itself, revealing the Dharmna and the Karma of this lifetime and of soul's journey through aeons of time. It holds the lessons, the opportunities, and the direction and expression of our service in the world.

In this shop you can buy Aura-Soma products. We are the only one shop in Milan that sells Aura-Soma with all certifications required by Ministero della Sanità.



trattamenti aura soma penna di luce AURA SOMA® LIGHT BEAMER PEN:  These treatments gently nurture you by combining the powerful effects of Aura Soma® colour therapy and the Chinese Medicine perspective of meridians, the five elements, yin and yang, I Ching and the Ba Gua.
There is a choice of 111 dual-coloured Aura Soma® Equilibrium Vials that can be inserted into the Light Beamer Pen. When a vial is inserted into the Aura Soma® Light Beamer Pen, light passes through the vial so that the colour of that vial and can be directed along your meridians (each of which relate to particular organs) and your chakras (each of which relate to particular endocrine glands). The light is projected through your subtle energy bodies (aura) and physical body (skin).
Each time you come for an Aura Soma® Light Beamer Pen Treatment, you work deeper and deeper, peeling back layers in order to truly connect with yourself at the soul level. To realise that we are all made of light (colour) and to re-connect back with ourselves through light (colour) is a beautiful and authentic experience not to be missed.
People have commented on leaving Aura Soma® Light Beamer Pen Treatments feeling rejuvenated, yet relaxed and peaceful. As each treatment has a specific purpose, it is exciting to know that you can come regularly, when required to assist the the energy flow of your meridians and life force energy.


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